Lantos Dialogues

Since 1997, Ascended Master Lantos has spoken with Cindy on a broad range of topics. Here are some of those dialogues. (Some are presented as a statement by Lantos, while others are in a question-and-answer format between Lantos and Cindy.)

April 21, 2003 – Prosperity & the World Economy

Prosperity & the World Economy

“Dear Ones,

“It is time now to speak on the economy of the World. In times of conflict, it is natural to find the focus of a nation caught up in the whirlwind of events, the whirlwind of turmoil, that has led to the destruction of peace. Attention is powerful, and with the energy and attention spent in the direction of annihilation, the task becomes more difficult to generate progress in other areas of life.

“This week let us shift our attention towards the currents of energy which bring about growth and prosperity. The global economy has been weakened by the disruptive focus on conflict. The flow of the river is disrupted and weakened when a large boulder falls into its path. The river must look to regain its strength, regain its path and direction. Like this, the Currents of Prosperity seek to regain a flow of direction.

“Let us offer our assistance to the currents of energy responsible for prosperity. In the evening, after you have made preparations for bed, sit quietly, holding the Wand of Genesis in both hands. Envision the flowing currents of Light and Energy responsible for generating wealth and prosperity in society. Do this for a minute or two. Not only will this bring about an increase in personal prosperity, but this simple exercise will also bring about an increase in prosperity for society.

“The events of chaos which have occurred in recent years have interrupted the smooth flow of these generative forces of energy. It is important now that we offer our assistance in this way.

“Thank you, blessed Messengers of Light. Many blessings.”

1. About Lantos:

Cindy: ‘What is your name?”

Lantos: “I am who you know as an Ascended Master. I have gone by many names over the ages. However, the time which allowed for Our togetherness was last in the Mediterranean; I was known as Keslar.

Before that, I worked with many of the High Order of priestesses and priests in Atlantis. We worked to bring Peace to those who wished for good. We offered Light when many were surrounded by the dark. There I was known as Andal Lantos.

In the Assemblies, I am given the name Lantos. I am many things to many people. I am here now to offer my assistance and blessings to all who will seek it. This is a time where many of Our Assembly are ready to give help as Earth enters her new phase. It will be a great transformation.”

2. What is BioGenesis?

“BioGenesis is the Birth of Creation. We instill the remembrance of the Process of Creation into a substance, and that substance radiates, or re-educates, its environment. All knowledge is contained in its seed form in the process of eight transformations associated with Creation.”

“Let us embrace this precious technology, handed down from Atlantean days. Let us transform our homes and our lives into Beacons for the Light of Peace and Generation. This is a timely endeavor. This technology must be applied in the homes. Together, many individual lights create a city. We are structuring a City of Light, the Light of Creation, the Light of Genesis.” “BioGenesis creates harmony. I will say this again: BioGenesis creates harmony. It is important to realize that harmony is structured quite simply, quite effectively, by strengthening the inherent qualities of a region. And, this is accomplished by enlivening the sequence of Initial Rotations. This is BioGenesis.”

Cindy: “How should we call the produced material and the Energy at work?”

Lantos: “BioGenesis material. Restoring the memory of Creation, the process of Creation, within the individual or object being influenced–this creates a living system, it becomes living matter. Let us refer to the Energy–the Intelligence at work within the Genesis Device–as Genesis Energy.”

Cindy: “How will this affect people’s lives?”

Lantos: “The physical effects belonging to the category of expected results are numerous. Any disease born of irregularity is a disease born of loss of memory, and is thus reversible through the BioGenesis products. Degenerative diseases, or disorders born of stress, are the results of the corruption of biological harmony. BioGenesis structures wholeness.”

3. Master Lantos on the BioGenesis Tools:

“The BioGenesis products restore harmony. Spiritually, the effects are unlimited. If we say this to the people, they will not believe us; but, we can be sure that the influence of the Initialization of even one Genesis Device has been carried through, and beyond, this Universe.” “The uses and practices of these Tools of BioGenesis are innumerable.”

3.1 BioGenesis Tools are Ever Renewing, Ever Refreshing:

Cindy asked Lantos if it was possible for the tools to take on a negative energy if they are placed in a negative environment, or if they could exhaust their supply of the Genesis Energy.

Lantos: “The Tools of BioGenesis cannot hold an impression, negative or positive. The Tools of BioGenesis are living expressions of the Sequence of Initial Rotations in creation. The Sequence of Creation does indeed reflect a value of time, but on a scale much grander than human awareness can comprehend. The memory pattern of events which occur in this generation, or many generations to come, shall have no impact on the functional capacity of the BioGenesis materials.”

Cindy asked, to clarify:”So, there’s no negativity that can be stored in them?”

Lantos: “BioGenesis is ever renewing. BioGenesis is ever refreshing. BioGenesis is ever restoring. No cleansing is necessary with these Tools.”

3.2 BioOscillator:

“BioOscillator is the Great Cosmic Cleanser. BioOscillator releases toxins, eliminates the pollutants and impurities, and restores the system to its natural state. The system we speak of may be an individual, or BioOscillator may be applied to purify the living environmental system. BioOscillator releases the toxins which were adhered to a system internally or externally. As BioGenesis is spread throughout the country and around the world, the impact of toxins on living systems will be greatly minimized. We say the words “toxin” and “pollutant” to describe a substance which generates a negative effect when it is introduced to another system. The negative effects are minimized as the BioGenesis materials strengthen the levels of harmony and tolerance within each system. Toxins are toxic due to their effects on the environment. Eliminate the effects, and you eliminate the toxin. Release the toxins and you restore the clean environment conducive to health and growth. BioOscillator accelerates this process already under way with BioGenesis”

4. Master Lantos on the Wheels of Genesis:

“The Wheels of Genesis are similar representations of the Great Celestial Sphere. Just as the eye is a tool through which the function of vision is achieved, the Wheels of Genesis are tools through which the function of vibratory acceleration is achieved. It is but an aspect of BioGenesis. Through the cycles of Initial Rotation, the quality of motion is produced. In the Wheels of Genesis, this motion is connected with the fields of energy immediately surrounding the Wheel. This connection offers the acceleration to the energy surrounding the Wheel System. The Great Celestial Sphere is the Cosmic energy pattern surrounding Earth, and it is through the dynamics of motion and spin generated in this Great Cosmic Wheel that energy and Light are translated and transferred to Earth. Let us speak now of these 27 spins. One cycle of spin leads to another, forming an interlacing cycle of rotation. Each segment of spin receives information from the previous cycle, and through this pre-designated direction a new series of information is generated new qualities of Light and Energy are released. Just as the Lunar cycles affect the cycles of tides upon this Earth, the Great Cycles of the Celestial Sphere impact the Cycles of Rotation found existing everywhere. We may speak of a sphere still greater in size and function. This is the Great Cosmic Sphere, out of which is born and nourished all of Creation. The Wheels of Genesis receive, and release, the knowledge of the Great Cosmic Spheres.”

5. Master Lantos on Atlantis:

“Now, Dear One, do you recall the days of Atlantis? In these precious times of harmony and growth, each town featured in the center a large BioTranslator. It was to this Translator that the people would come, bringing their desires for health, peace and prosperity. In this fashion, the communication between the people of Atlantis and the Great Celestial Beings and Messengers of Light remained lively and ever-supportive. To the Translator, people would come and fulfillment of the projected intent would arrive surely and swiftly. Each of these BioTranslators was 10 feet in height, and the shape was much as yours is today. In the capitol location for holy activities, there was a high hill. From this hill, many towns could be seen in all directions. There was a waterway running alongside the hill, separating the spiritual half of the capitol city of Atlantis from its sister half, which dealt with the governing activities. Through this water passageway, many ships of commerce passed. Upon the hill was an immense BioTranslator, a symbol of the height of development to which the region had attained. This Translator was accessible only by the holy few living on this spiritual mountain. But, this symbol shone out to those entering the gates by land or by sea:”

In Strength we are Might;

In Purity we are Powerful;

In Wisdom we are United.

“Let this be a symbol to you, our brothers walk in the heavens, as well as upon this Earth. We seek and obtain the assistance from the Celestial Orders of Light. Now, precious ones, know that the technology you have before you, though new to this Age, has withstood long tests of time. This Earth rejoices at the return of the uniting of the Forces of Light.”