BioGenesis energie

Energie die je helpt je oorspronkelijk evenwicht weer te hervinden. Doordat deze energie onze herinnering aanspreekt die wij in ons dagelijks bewustzijn zijn vergeten, kan d.m.v. de BioGenesis energie ons lichaam zich herinneren wat zijn oorspronkelijk evenwicht was. De herinnering helpt je lichaam zich te herstellen. Dit resulteert in:

  • Een betere gezondheid
  • Een beter geheugen
  • Meer vrede en harmonie
  • Meer energie
  • Meer blijdschap
  • Minder wrijving en verwarring
  • Meer balans

Terug gegeven aan de mensheid ter ondersteuning van de regeneratie, de verhoging van de trilling en ter bevordering van de evolutie.

Lantos zegt: „Onze bedoeling is dat iedereen die met deze technologie in aanraking komt, verlichting ervaart.

Master Lantos on Atlantis

“Now, Dear One, do you recall the days of Atlantis? In these precious times of harmony and growth, each town featured in the center a large BioTranslator. It was to this Translator that the people would come, bringing their desires for health, peace and prosperity. In this fashion, the communication between the people of Atlantis and the Great Celestial Beings and Messengers of Light remained lively and ever-supportive. To the Translator, people would come and fulfillment of the projected intent would arrive surely and swiftly. Each of these BioTranslators was 10 feet in height, and the shape was much as yours is today.

“In the capitol location for holy activities, there was a high hill. From this hill, many towns could be seen in all directions. There was a waterway running alongside the hill, separating the spiritual half of the capitol city of Atlantis from its sister half, which dealt with the governing activities. Through this water passageway, many ships of commerce passed.

“Upon the hill was an immense BioTranslator, a symbol of the height of development to which the region had attained. This Translator was accessible only by the holy few living on this spiritual mountain. But, this symbol shone out to those entering the gates by land or by sea:

In Strength we are Mighty;
In Purity we are Powerful;
In Wisdom we are United.

“Let this be a symbol to you–our brothers walk in the heavens, as well as upon this Earth. We seek and obtain the assistance from the Celestial Orders of Light.

“Now, precious ones, know that the technology you have before you, though new to this Age, has withstood long tests of time. This Earth rejoices at the return of the uniting of the Forces of Light.”